Quran Insights

Accessing insights from the Holy Quran

Every letter, word and Ayah

Teaching and Understanding

The Quran is a miracle in and of itself. Ensuring the next generation understands it as well as enjoys it’s learnings has driven us here.

Listen, Read, Understand, Teach & Memorise

Refreshing our own learning

Easy to read and understand tafsir, written in simple english

Empowering Us to learn and teach

Islamic Family Ideals


When we are able to understand key concepts we can then share these with those around us


Learning through play ensures a life long bond of understanding that we can pass on to generations to come

Our sources

The Experts


A multitude of credible tafseers have been used in compilation


All activities have been tested with a wide variety of children through madressa and homes


Have been consulted and reviewed all activities