About us

Welcome to Quran Insights

We are parents to a two-year old who we learn so much from each day, and discover a whole different part of ourselves just by spending time with this amazing being that made us parents.

We grew up in a world where the Qur’an was described as this magical book with all the answers, if I needed knowledge, it was in there, if I needed guidance, it was in there, if I needed comfort it was in there, if I needed help, it was in there, it had it all. But I couldn’t read it beautifully like the Qaari’s on YouTube, I didnt understand it without a huge translation/tafseer book so I was left to know about this magical book but without access to it’s magic.

Admitting defeat is not an option, so we went on several quests to learn arabic, to classes that taught us snippets. Then life got really tough, and we needed the ultimate magic, comfort, help and support, so we opened the Qur’an and asked for help, comfort, support. So here is where we show you our journey and how this magical book gave us peace, hope and patience.

“The best amongst you is the one who learns the quran then teaches it to others”