Learning the letter ض

Activity for 2+ years old

ض is the fifteenth letter of the Arabic alphabet. It is preceded by ص () and followed by ط ()

The word used to describe ض to a toddler was ضفدع (frog). It’s a fun one as they all love to ribbit.

Items needed:
  • Paper plate
  • Card (red strip for tongue, white for eyeballs)
  • Green paint
  • Black marker
  • Velcro dots
  • Red dot stickers, googley eyes
  1. Cut the paper plate in half and decorate it to resemble a frog, with fun googley eyes, dots for nostrils, a wide smile with red dots at the end
  2. Stick on the tongue strip
  3. Attach velcro dots to the tongue
  4. Write out some Arabic letters including ض  (use letters with dots to clear up confusion and the letter ص)
  5. Attached the other half of the velcro dots to the ض
  6. Explain how the frog/ضفدع will only eat the letter ض
  7. Have fun!