Surah Asr 103

Juz 30
Activity for 2+ years old
Surah ASR talks about time.
Items needed:
  • Empty tube x 2 (weird as this sounds but unused/clean urine sample bottles work brilliantly)
  • Nail and hammer
  • Sand (coloured sand is simple to make with food colouring or just use plain sand)
  • Sellotape
  1. Align both lids and hammer the nail through the top of both lids. It’s simpler to sellotape them together first so the hole stays aligned (you can use a drill which is alot quicker). Please be careful as one lid will have a sharpness to the lid
  2. Pour in the sand into one container then screw both bottles together
  3. Watch the sand drain from one end to another
  4. You can count to 30 – explain how they have to wait till the sand runs out