Surah Humazah 104

Surah Humaza 104

Juz 30

Activity for 2+ years old
Surah Humaza talks about the perils of slander to slanderers.
Items needed:
  • blocks (wooden/plastics) to build a tower
  • Weight/blocks to tape to the tongue
  • Paper drawing of a tongue
  • String
  • Toilet roll inside tube
  • Sellotape/ glue
  1. draw a tongue, colour and cut out the shape
  2. Cut the string so it’s around 30-35cm
  3. Use tape or glue to attach the weight to the tongue and string with the other end of the string attached to the toilet roll inside tube
  4. Now wind the string around the toilet roll inside tube
  5. Build a block tower
  6.  Try to knock out the tower with the wound up weighted tongue and explain how when you’re in control of your tongue you can’t knock down the tower/cause damage7.
  7. Now unroll the string and allow the child to knock down the tower and explain how when the tongue is left loose the tower is damaged
In essence we want to teach the concept that a loose tongue/out of control tongue will cause damage. Alternatively when we stay in control of tongues we don’t cause damage.
Remember you’re dealing with a toddler so be patient. Our little one will pick up the weighted tongue and swing it around declaring “Humaza“ whenever he see‘s the compilation.
Happy Learning!