Surah Kawthar 108

Surah Kawther 108

Juz 30
Activity for 2+ years old
Surah Kawthar talks abundance and what most mufasireen believe is Lady Fatemah and the Holy Prophets lineage (12 Imams). There is an emphasis on unique words used in this Surah specifically, kawthar, abtar, nahr, Shan. Here we will focus on the word abtar which means “without posterity” or an animal without a tail.
Items needed:
  • Animal puzzles (something like these: head to tail ( or you can draw a dog/cat and cut the paper into 3 parts after they colour it)
  1. Let the little one decorate the paper animals/build the puzzles naming the head, body and tail end
  2. Now remove all the tails and repeat the word abtar – have them pronounce it and explain how the animal without a tail is called abtar